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Welcome to Virtual Solved

Companies today run differently than in years past. There has been a great paradigm shift in the way companies conduct day to day operations ever searching for ways to cut expenses and increase profit margins. With the emergence of powerful computing solutions, companies today realize a traditional brick and mortar style business is not as necessary as it used to be. Many industries that aren't manufacturing based have shifted to a virtual model which is smaller base locations and workers working remotely, usually from home using admin based software platforms that manage day to day operations in the cloud. Virtual Solved is a company dedicated to assisting a few industries, namely Insurance, Mortgage and Real Estate, manage virtual work environments by providing all the tools needed for employees to be equally if not more productive than they would working in a traditional office setting. Please enjoy our site and and discover how your business can be transformed "Virtually".

Mortgage Industry

The mortgage industry is one of the best fits for establishing virtual offices. Sales reps with the right tools can be more productive at home than in an office setting saving the broker money and time. Good virtual office software can manage leads, pipeline, vendors and compliance all through one secure platform. Read More

Real Estate Industry

Productive Realtors spend most of their time out of the office meeting with clients or prospecting. Having good software to manage day to day operations in the field is paramount to a Realtors success. Managing tools through one platform creates efficiencies that increase closings. Being able to manage an entire transaction through a mobile device can insure a smooth transaction. Read More

Insurance Industry

Insurance Brokers can manage entire sales teams working from their homes or out in the field through virtual office software. Supplying a sales team with everything they need in one secure platform insures more volume and happier clients. Use virtual office software to push rates, marketing materials, leads and training through one smooth platform. Read More

Custom Solutions Availalble

Do you need to lower overhead, become more efficient and consolidate company systems? Maybe virtual office software in your answer. Lose the big office and the cubicles, supply field reps with better tools, manage sales teams remotely and watch productivity increase. Read More