Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we charge a setup fee and then there is a recurring monthly fee. There are no long term contracts.

The initial cost for setup of our platform is $997.00

If you hit a level above your monthly agreement we will notify you to upgrade your account.

Not all 3rd party programs run within our platform. Some software is set not to be able to frame within other sites which is what ours does. Best to inquire before you purchase.

No but our backend admin site is designed to work with WordPress but we can customize most sites to work for a fee.

In many cases we can configure your site to speak with the backend however, many template specialized industry sites won't allow access to the code so it not work.

Weekly backups are performed.

We have built our software with all the security measures available.

You have the ability to add sub-users to your account. When you add a new user there's a dropdown wher you can select the level of the new member.

Yes your panel comes with your logo and color scheme.

We get access to 3rd party code through their API and use that code to work with our platform.

The only thing you can do is contact the 3rd party and ask if there are alternatives. Many companies are now allowing framing technology into their platforms.

You can upgrade at any time and there is noe extra fee for this. Simply start paying the increase in your regular monthly payment.

We have no contracts and you may cancel at any time.

No long term contracts.

We have a solution that handles both sides beautifully. Please send us a note and we can discuss further.

Simple as entering 5 fields and pressing save. A welcome email automatically goes out to the new user who is instructed to complete their profile so you don't have to.

We are constantly adding new compliance tools into our platform and as of now we have the ability to push, forms, notices, training, and other documents to the users.

You can use the backend which in itself is very powerful but in order to get the maximum benefit, we recommend both front and back.

Yes we are developing a feature where reps can select from a number of templates then we collect needed information then build the site and host.