mortVirtual Solved was inspired initially by the mortgage industry.

What other industry has taken such a beating with the financial collapse than small independent mortgage brokers. New regulation and state specific laws have made this industry almost unmanageable. Costs are higher and commissions are lower. Truly, the only logical way to run a shop these days is by going virtual.

How do we know this? We’re in it and all suffered great loss in the financial collapse but guess what? We figured it out and built tools that allow us to manage large sales teams remotely, run more smoothly and efficiently while maintaining compliance. The problem was until now there wasn’t a solution that could help a broker manage their teams working out of their homes. There are great tools out there but none have really tied them all into one platform that isn’t clumsy and confusing for the LO.

Virtual Solved software takes all the needed tools that a broker would ever use and delivers them together in a highly efficient platform that can be managed with ease. All marketing, lead generation, forms and yes compliance can be manages through our platform. Attract new LO’s by offering a system that will help them be more productive and dump that large office. You don’t need it any more.

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