Product Highlights

Backend Software– Software is fully responsive which means it looks great on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Setup and manage users remotely through one clean and simple interface
  • Email internally all staff or select individuals without ever leaving the platform
  • Integrate 3rd party software programs used daily within the system
  • Use the supplied contact manager program + scheduling feature or attach your own
  • Offer weekly training through videos or text or PowerPoint presentations
  • Send weekly motivational videos to staffs home page for review
  • Allow users to add their own favorite sites and news feeds into their private dashboard
  • Manage compliance by sending required forms and updates to federal and state laws
  • Setup frequently used vendors such as lenders, appraisers, title, escrow, underwriters
  • Push all company forms to user for quick review and use
  • Push all company marketing materials for quick review and use
  • Receive and manage leads from the front end site to reps who are online and ready
  • Receive and forward instantly to reps, new prospects who submit quote requests
  • Tie into the MLS and allow users to manage their listings and leads through IDX Broker
  • Supply users a robust forum where they can interact and get support and ask questions
  • Attract better sales reps by applying tools that look clean and very professional
  • Give staff one platform where everything they need to run their day to day business in one secure mobile accessible platform.

Frontend Software– Fully WordPress based and all sites are custom unlike templated sites with duplicate content. Search engines like Google are penalizing sites these days with exact content.

  • Sites are built on WordPress Platform which is easy to manage and tends to rank high with the search engines
  • Our sites speak directly to the backend software to manage leads, inquiries, clients and pipeline
  • Custom skins and colors make your site completely different than your competitors
  • Simple, clean designs with strong calls to action that generate results
  • Sits can be optimized for SEO and come with a blog to assist search traffic
  • Site can integrate with 3rd party programs such as IDX Broker and others